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I apply Engineering, Design and Product Management skills while building Digital Companies

Currently Practing: Distributed Computing using Cloud, Machine Learning and Generative AI

Are you working on an interesting project and need some help?


Before that, I built a profitable agency providing software design and development services to startups and multi-national companies, and had the opportunity to work with companies across a variety of industries including healthcare, wellness, real-estate, non-profits, professional services, consulting, and travel.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I have a deep interest in technologies that drive us towards a healthier and more sustainable future. I’m also a student of human behavior, and I have a special interest in technologies that drive change.

In my free time, I work with entrepreneurs helping them make better product/business decisions, learn more about human behavior, play my Baritone Ukulele or most importantly spend time with family and friends 🙂


Sound Health by Point Motion

Sound health is being built as a Digital Therapeutics tool for patients with neurodenegerative conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzeimer’s, Dementia and Stroke.

I led the product development and engineering.

Some of the challenges I worked on includes:

  1. Setting up a Product development team in India
  2. Working with Protected Health Information and becoming HIPAA compliant
  3. Helping the marketing team choose the best channels for marketing and lead generation
  4. Helping product team learn more about who they are building for and gain required empathy
  5. Using principles of emotional drivers to drive engagement and retention of the product
  6. Parking aside the product I was hired to build and helping the founders find the right things to build
  7. Creating an architecture for Point Motion with a goal of launching an activity every two weeks
  8. Finding a business model (and getting into wellness jail)
  9. Improving developer experience to help engineers focus on writing domain specific logic and automate everything else

Village Energy

Village Energy is an Australian company that uses a smart meter and cloud to manage the demand-supply gap for Utility/Distribution companies.

I was responsible for leading the team building the consumer app.

Some of the challenges I worked on includes:

  1. Architecture for the consumer app within an existing architecture
  2. Working with Design team to design the consumer app
  3. Explaining what we do at Village Energy to people who have no understanding of the energy market
  4. Building Aadhar Offline-KYC API
  5. Phone based Auth and the multiple edge cases
  6. Contract Engine and Designer to manage contracts at scale
  7. A stripped down version of the app to test the smart meter


Tangish was an enterprise productivity platform designed to scale massive number of tasks and complex project management workflows.

My role was leading the team designing and building the product experience.

Some of the challenges I worked on includes:

  1. UX audit to identify the key improvement areas and opportunities
  2. Support the redesigning of the new experience
  3. Leading the development of the web and mobile apps, setting up deployment pipelines and integrating with the APIs.
  4. Managing the team building the front-end and coordinating with the team building the backend


AppApprais, a US based company, built a platform to make Residential Real-Estate appraising easier and more streamlined.

My role was to build the product and a team in India to support the development.

Some of the challenges I worked on includes:

  1. Finding a differentiator and metrics that matter (for the product) — Time on Task, Learnability, Mobility & Error Rates.
  2. Designing the user experience for streamlining the workflows
  3. Developed the product architecture
  4. Built the CI/CD pipelines with automation test cases and automated upgrades
  5. XSD To XML generation with UAD Validations
  6. PDF report generation and data vault for storing reports
  7. Integration with Real Estate data from multiple MLS data providers (RETS) with data standardization
  8. Geo-spatial property search optimization

Samsung Electronics

I was part of the Engineering Team at Samsung Electronics. I was initially part of the R&D group where I worked on Contacts and Phone app. Later I moved to Test Automation Group where my role was to understand testing process and find ways to save cost using automation.

Some of the challenges I worked on includes:

  1. Building a device tracker to find lost devices
  2. Building a test automation framework for simplifying and integrating all automation products built for the testing teams
  3. IME/Keyboard testing automation
  4. Realtime collaboration using Chords SDK (winning a global R&D challenge)


I built ClickEinstein as an indie-developer to make mobile based class-test. The aim was to identify and help university students that are struggling.

The data collected on the app could be used to identify students likely to drop-outs much before they drop out and help take preventative actions.

Some of the challenges I worked on includes:

  1. Designing and building the MVP
  2. Interview the stakeholders (professors, students and principals) to understand the motivations and build things accordingly
  3. Ran Pilots at Georgia State University and IIT Madras